Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ahhhh LDN!

Woops, I forgot to tell you all about my trip to London with my sixth form art class!
We stayed in a little hotel in Kensington. I didn't realise the architecture around there would be so lovely. We went in early Spring as well so that made is super pretty. I took some photo's to show you. 
We visited a couple of museums, including the Victoria & Albert, where I was able to find all of the Art Nouveau pieces I had been looking for for my project. It was so fascinating! 
I like how everything in London is so different to Liverpool. The fashion is so basic and casual yet everyone has their own unique style. This was also the second time I had visited Camden. And for me, it is renowned for its cute little bracelet shops, I seem to have gathered a collection now :) I even found the tube exciting. Seeing everybody running from one place to another, wondering where they are going. I don't think anybody is ever on time in London.
I love everything about this city and I hope that at some point when I'm older I will be fortunate to live there :)

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