Friday, 27 January 2012

1940's Propaganda posters

For my personal investigation at art A2, I chose to research the 1940's and how women were portrayed through propaganda posters. My friend, Teresa, volunteered to be my model and I used props from my mum's vintage antique shop to really make it look authentic. The lace, pink top she has on in the allotment photo's is a classic piece from this era and the pants were simply just a replica of the 1940's style. 
I spent hours looking at how to perfect the hair and make-up, as this was an essential part of women's lives throughout the war years.
Once I had achieved the look in the photo's I visited the Imperial War Museum to get a feel for the style that was created in the posters. I put together some slogans that were popular in this time period and I used typefonts that would have been used then.

I will upload more pictures when my project is complete or near to completing

Saturday, 21 January 2012