Friday, 27 January 2012

1940's Propaganda posters

For my personal investigation at art A2, I chose to research the 1940's and how women were portrayed through propaganda posters. My friend, Teresa, volunteered to be my model and I used props from my mum's vintage antique shop to really make it look authentic. The lace, pink top she has on in the allotment photo's is a classic piece from this era and the pants were simply just a replica of the 1940's style. 
I spent hours looking at how to perfect the hair and make-up, as this was an essential part of women's lives throughout the war years.
Once I had achieved the look in the photo's I visited the Imperial War Museum to get a feel for the style that was created in the posters. I put together some slogans that were popular in this time period and I used typefonts that would have been used then.

I will upload more pictures when my project is complete or near to completing

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Baby Leon...

Today when I logged onto Twitter I found out that my favourite model, Lily Aldridge, and frontman of my favourite band, Kings of Leon are expecting a baby! 
Caleb and Lily got married in Santa Barbara in May this year and I literally screamed with excitement once I saw the Victoria's Secret bridal lingerie line on the Elle website! She looked stunning. And the underwear was amazing.

“We can’t wait to meet the new addition to our family.”

I have become obsessed with Victoria's Secret...


Ahhhh LDN!

Woops, I forgot to tell you all about my trip to London with my sixth form art class!
We stayed in a little hotel in Kensington. I didn't realise the architecture around there would be so lovely. We went in early Spring as well so that made is super pretty. I took some photo's to show you. 
We visited a couple of museums, including the Victoria & Albert, where I was able to find all of the Art Nouveau pieces I had been looking for for my project. It was so fascinating! 
I like how everything in London is so different to Liverpool. The fashion is so basic and casual yet everyone has their own unique style. This was also the second time I had visited Camden. And for me, it is renowned for its cute little bracelet shops, I seem to have gathered a collection now :) I even found the tube exciting. Seeing everybody running from one place to another, wondering where they are going. I don't think anybody is ever on time in London.
I love everything about this city and I hope that at some point when I'm older I will be fortunate to live there :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fell in love with Lily again...

Came across an article on Galliano before, within it were pictures that he used as his inspiration, all dramatic of course. They showed how he introduced lingerie corsetry and ball gown skirts into fashion. I love this Parisian chic look and Galliano often incorporated this within his designs. 
I came across a shoot that Lily Cole did for Vogue in 2004 and instantly fell in love with it. 
I hadn't seen any of her work for a long time and she used to be my favourite model years ago, I loved her, 
these photo's reminded me why...

Autumn leaves..

It's that time of year again when fashion is at its best and we get to flick through pages upon pages of amazing shoots in September Vogue. I adore everything about Autumn, from its crisp cold mornings to its warm woolly jumpers and this months issue captures this at its finest. 
A certain designer or specific shoot usually grabs me each month and I begin a small obsession with them, some fade and some last. This month, it was Mulberry! I couldn't help but be fixated by it. Its mid length trenches and its warm, earthy colours accompanied by the woodland animals and the vintage d├ęcor was everything I love about autumn fashion!