Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fell in love with Lily again...

Came across an article on Galliano before, within it were pictures that he used as his inspiration, all dramatic of course. They showed how he introduced lingerie corsetry and ball gown skirts into fashion. I love this Parisian chic look and Galliano often incorporated this within his designs. 
I came across a shoot that Lily Cole did for Vogue in 2004 and instantly fell in love with it. 
I hadn't seen any of her work for a long time and she used to be my favourite model years ago, I loved her, 
these photo's reminded me why...

Autumn leaves..

It's that time of year again when fashion is at its best and we get to flick through pages upon pages of amazing shoots in September Vogue. I adore everything about Autumn, from its crisp cold mornings to its warm woolly jumpers and this months issue captures this at its finest. 
A certain designer or specific shoot usually grabs me each month and I begin a small obsession with them, some fade and some last. This month, it was Mulberry! I couldn't help but be fixated by it. Its mid length trenches and its warm, earthy colours accompanied by the woodland animals and the vintage d├ęcor was everything I love about autumn fashion!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011



I just found this saved onto my computer


I went on holiday to France this July with Dan and his family, it was so lovely. 
We stayed in Carcassonne which is a medieval town in the South of France.
The weather of the first few days was windy and overcast but it soon brightened up and i managed to catch a 'tan'. We spent the week visiting the local village on bikes and sunbathing by the pool and beach, although both of them were freezing! In the evening we would all play cards together on the table outside on the decking and listen to the mosquitoes pop in the zapper >:) 


I have a lot to catch up on...

I forgot about blogging for a while, that's how I lost my password/email address blah blah blah
so, I'll catch up on myself :)

I finished all of my A2 exams this summer. I took Art, Sociology and Business studies. For my art exam piece I chose to do Pre Raphaelite print and took some photo's of Cat!

 I also went to see Kings of Leon for the second time on June 19th.

Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on my phone.
...... and it was at the KoL gig that I discovered a new band called Mona who were one of their support acts.

Lordy loo!

I have just spent minutes hours trying to login to this, finally done it.

 And I've just found this cutie on my windowsill!